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1000KG Pallet Racking

The starting price for this pallet racking is 188.00 which will be increased by the modifications below.

Please select the Frame Depth you require
Frame Depth of 900mm (Same Price)
Frame Depth of 1100mm (+3.00)

Please select the Frame Height you require
Frame Height of 2400mm (Same Price)
Frame Height of 3000mm (+9.00)
Frame Height of 3600mm (+17.00)
Frame Height of 4200mm (+26.00)
Frame Height of 4800mm (+36.00)

Please select the Beam Length you require
Beam Length of 1200mm (-31.00)
Beam Length of 1350mm (-29.00)
Beam Length of 2250mm (-14.00)
Beam Length of 2700mm (Same Price)
Beam Length of 3300mm (+19.00)
Beam Length of 3900mm (+41.00)

Please select the Number of Levels you require
2 Levels (Same Price)
3 Levels (+ The cost of another pair of beams)
4 Levels (+ The cost of another two pairs of beams)

Number of
Starter Bays
Starter Bay
Starter Bay

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Number of
Extension Bays
Extension Bay Extension Bay
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